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Payment methods available include: Western Union,Credit Card

1. Western Union (10% discount)

We prefer Western Union transfer (very fast)
Please check the website of Western Union to have more information about the money transfer
please contact our customer service if you want to use Western Union.

2. Credit Card

1. When you select VISA Credit Card as the payment method, you will be taken to a site where you can pay your order.
2. Advantages:
Payment is traceable.
Payment is immediate and convenient. Payment is deposited directly into our account.
Credit Card companies typically provide some level of identity and purchase protection.
After your payment is cleared, we'll respond you within 24 hours.
3. You will get an email of order detail with your order status when payment successful.

Orders Status Instructions.

How to check my order status ?

First : Login to your account. Second: Click "My Account" Button. Then you will find the order status.

Order Status:
1.Pay_success: Your payment is successful, the order will be processed in 24-48hours.
2.No Payment: You do not pay for your order which would not be processed, please try to pay agian.
3.Pay_fail: Your payment is fail, the order would not be processed unless you replace the order successfully. Double check your card information all in correct. Please try to pay again.
4.Payment Processing: Your payment is processing, the order status will turn into Pay_success or Pay_fail in few hours. We will email you when your order into success or fail. Also don't need pay again.
5.Payment Declined: Your Transaction was declined by Your Bank. please verify with your Bank to allow to process your transaction or remove the restrictions from your card. Then place an order again. Make sure you are not trying to pay within 24 hours since your first successful payment, or you could contact us for further help.